Villa Vera / Dubrovnik
Chalet Skyway / Madonna di Campiglio
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Villa Vera / Dubrovnik
Chalet Skyway / Madonna di Campiglio

Buy luxury second home for 1/4 of its price or buy 4 homes instead of one

A smarter way to buy, own or invest into unique luxury properties.

Pay less - up to 4 times

OWNERO is a real estate and hospitality company that allows you to buy your second home for 1/4 of its market value and own it without worrying about maintenance and management. You save up to 75% of the purchase price and turn all the cons of a second home ownership into pros.

Here is what OWNERO offers you:

To buy a luxury second home for 1/4 of its price.
To spend up to 4 times less on the taxes and upkeep costs.
To pass all maintenance and management hassle to us.
To maximize your property investment returns.
To travel the world in style without spendings on the hotels or rentals.
To use your property for visas, resident permits, correspondence, etc.

By purchasing a share, what do the co-owners gain?

Co-owners can use their property themselves or invite friends and family, use it to swap with the co-owners in other parts of the world and travel there, earn on short term serviced rentals through OWNERO rental pool or do all of the above in any ratio.
*Usage includes nights available for Travel swaps and Rentals.

Social stays: OWNERO social luxe concept beats math and physics

You can spend much more time in your home than your ownership share allows you, if you are a social creature! Invite your fellow co-owners to spend time together, make new friends! Ski together, dive together, hike together, drink wine together! If co-owners are social, the total number of days/nights co-owners stay in their home can easily exceed 500/per year!


How it works

Explore the unique collection of second homes owned by OWNERO and those being offered by our partner developers and agents.
We incorporate a dedicated holding company for each home. Decide how many shares you’d like to own. And, we will find and vet prospective co-owners as well as handle the paperwork.
The upgrades, furnishings, repairs, cleaning, utilities, payments, and travel arrangements are all handled by us. Simply book, show up, relax, and have fun.
You can not only use the home yourself but also maximize your investment returns with short term serviced rentals through OWNERO rental pool.

Featured homes

OWNERO system is a true ownership, not a timeshare

When you purchase real estate through OWNERO, you’re are not buying time at a resort. Come home whenever you’d like, not just during a fixed period. As the property’s owner, you enjoy the appreciation of its value and you set the selling price.
OWNERO  goodTimeshare  bad
Market segment PremiumMass
Property typeHome/ApartmentResort
What you ownReal estateTime
UtilisationOpen calendarA fixed week
The selling processReal estate market. You set the priceSell with the resort who sets the price
The value appreciationYou benefit from itThe owner of a resort benefits from it
Rentals You maximize your returnsHotel maximizes its returns

OWNERO lets you make informed decision

Often the second home purchase is an emotional decision. We empower our buyers to make much smarter decisions. We sell only unique, trophy properties that we expect will never disappoint you. So with OWNERO you can:
Get a local market research with all important data before you make a decision.
Try before buy. We are sure you will like it.
Transfer your home ownership to another home. If you are not happy with your home we are not happy either.
Sell your home back to OWNERO for the same price you bought it. You have plenty of time to decide if you are happy with your dream home.

General FAQs

OWNERO is a real estate and hospitality service that enables people to buy a second home for 1/4 of its market price and own it free of remote management hassle. Our model allows to save significantly on the purchase price and to turn all second home ownership’s «cons» into «pros». OWNERO’s proprietary platform allows B2C customers to buy second homes through a fully real estate holding company divided into up to 4 shares, maintain and manage their second homes, schedule their stays, distribute operating costs and taxes and easily sell shares through our partner agents and on OWNERO marketplace. B2B partners, such as agents and developers, can boost their businesses by increasing the pool of buyers by people who otherwise would never buy before and by providing the buyers with a new product: home shares.

OWNERO never deals as a broker or competes with the agents in any way. OWNERO provides services for agents and developers helping them to serve the new cohort of buyers who rationally opt to save up to 3/4 of the home value depending on how often they aim to use it. This new smart way to buy and own second homes also allows buyers to distribute all operating and tax expenses with the other owners and never have remote home management hassle. In addition, it elegantly solves another significant problem of the second homes’ owners - the second home travel stickiness.

Unlike them OWNERO is the infrastructural company. We are building the second home ownership ecosystem and any of the second home ownership companies is welcome to be the part of it by cross-sharing listings and managed homes for the travel exchange purposes.

OWNERO makes it affordable, easy and hassle free to buy and own the second home through a real estate holding company. We empower people to buy and own the property/title in correspondence with how much they actually use it. It means that owners share all expenses with other like-minded people while passing all the maintenance and service hassle to OWNERO. We give the owners headspace and let them just enjoy their second residences.

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