Staying FAQs

Yes. It will be kept in your personal locker or storage. Moreover, we have developed mapping technology that lets us always know what you keep where: from the right shelf for the orange juice in the fridge to the right place for your hiking shoes or a swimsuit.

Yes. Feel free to share the joy of owning your wow-home with the friends.

Our standard is 2pm for both arrival and departure. Since it is not a hotel but your home, you can always request for free early arrival or late departure. The only reason we can limit it somehow is that we need to be sure that home is clean and tidy, everything works and the owners’ arrival experience is 100% smooth.

Owners are responsible for the damage caused to a home as a result of their stay. The same apply to the breakdowns. Owners are not individually responsible for the depreciation of home appliances or furniture. Those are paid for by the company’s reserve fund.

OWNERO Concierge is a smart and proactive local, who is always helpful and service-oriented by nature. In the unlikely event of unhappiness with your concierge, please contact OWNERO’s CEO directly.

Unless the particular home is pet-free, you are allowed to bring your pets with you. The home can be defined as pet-free if the some of the already owners or family member is allergic to pets. You will always know before closing if the home is pet-welcome or pet-free.

Yes. You just need to register them in advance. It can be done in the OWNERO system or through your OWNERO Concierge.

If you and other co-owners are like-minded people, if you are comfortable with staying together and you have some vacant space this time, why not to invite one (or more!) of your fellow co-owners and thereby not to increase your own home usage beyond assigned days? All OWNERO Homes are thoughtfully designed to combine privacy and social spaces, so if, for example, you have one vacant bedroom, just invite one of your fellow co-owners and they might invite you during their stays. Though no one is obliged to invite you in exchange, but if you both spent great time together, usually people would love to pay you back and will invite you in their dates when they can.

Still have questions? We are happy to answer.

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