Selling, transferring and exchanging shares FAQs

You have the right to transfer your ownership to the other property at any time starting from the end of your first stay. This option is free within 12 months from the closing date. After that such a transfer is subject to trade-in deal with 6% commission. If you transfer your ownership to a more expensive property you will have to fund the difference. If you opt for a cheaper one, the balance will be credited towards your operating expenses without a limit (it can’t be credited towards taxes).

You pay closing costs and the standard agent commission if applicable.

They will be reset.

It is free within first 12 months period starting from closing date. Only if you decide to transfer it later, the transfer will be a subject to trade-in deal with 6% commission.

You can sell your shares the way you prefer: to another co-owner, directly through third-party websites, through an agent of your choice, through our partner agent, on our marketplace or use instant buying offer from OWNERO. The other owners have the right of first refusal. You can choose to sell your shares after 12 months from the closing date. You have your own control over the method of selling and price. OWNERO can help you to estimate your share.

After 12 months period from your closing date you can use OWNERO trade-in option. You choose the property you want to buy instead of the one you already own, we will estimate your share and offer you the fair price. It will be the exact price we will list your share for the new buyers, never less, so the price is fare. Trade-in is the open book deal and we take 6% commission.

Of course. You are welcome to list your share on OWNERO marketplace. We will market it through our website, third-party websites as well as through our partnerships including agents’ networks.

Yes. If you qualify, you can get financed by OWNERO or by one of our financial partners.

Yes. You have the right to sell shares back to OWNERO for the same price you paid within 12 months from the Closing date if you spent there more than 14 days in total. However, the Closing fees, OWNERO’s commission, expenses related to your stays, maintenance costs and taxes for the period of ownership will be deducted. If you decide to sell after that 12 months period, we also ready to provide you with liquidity through OWNERO instant buying offer. If you agree with our price we will close immediately.

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