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OWNERO/Travel ™ is a unique product that empowers owners of OWNERO-managed second homes to travel the world in style and without spending on luxury rentals or hotels. The problem OWNERO/Travel ™ solves is the problem of stickiness to beloved second home. Any second home owner sooner or later faces it: we go into our second home because we love and IT IS (kind of) FREE. But the world is much bigger than the nice (and may be the best) place where your second home is. If you are EUR 5M home owner you know that the rentals of such a home can cost tens of thousands per week. But you have already invested in your second home. So have done the other owners all over the world. The solution is simple and straightforward: manageable and serviced reciprocal and non-reciprocal free swaps.

The general rule is that you can swap already booked dates for the dates booked by another owner but there are some exceptions. The easiest way to make a comfortable swap is: 1. Define when you want to go. 2. Define where you want to go. 3. Submit your preliminary request for a swap through your OWNERO concierge. 4. Browse the OWNERO/Travel™ Marketplace to see what is available right now. 5. If you find the home you want to go, let your Concierge know. 6. We will follow up ASAP. 7. You will travel and enjoy. If your trip happens, the number of nights spent in the other home will count towards your annual nights limit. You can use already booked stay to swap if other owner is interested in coming to your home for the dates booked. OWNERO/Travel™ is the new way for the second home owners to travel the world in style without spending on 5*rentals and 5*hotels. For any question regarding OWNERO/TravelTM option, please contact us here or contact your OWNERO concierge.

Though hotels are serviced and usually predictable in terms of services and amenities, they are highly overpriced because of the high operating expenses. Besides that, the rooms are small, and if you ever tried to accommodate with a bigger family, we know you were in trouble. Hotel concierges can sometimes be arrogant and not helpful, and usually engaged with the businesses that pay them for referrals despite the quality. Airbnb is convenient and it is cool to live like a local but it’s totally unpredictable experience with 50/50 chances to get your vacations spoilt. Web-based villa rental services are inconsistent and very high-priced. Luxury villa rentals are expensive because owners try to squeeze the maximum in the high season in order to cover at least some operating expenses and this model almost always includes intermediary that charges high commissions. OWNERO/ Travel™ took the best from each of these models and left the worst aside. First, you don’t pay for the rentals, your stay is basically free, because you have already invested in your valuable property, and you should utilize your asset even when staying in a different home. Second, since all homes are managed by OWNERO, you are guaranteed with the highest and predictable quality according to the OWNERO Standart (like in your own home) and wow-factor of the home, amenities and services. The home is hotel-like prepared for your stay. The local Concierge becomes your personal Host. You will have the real local tips, designed not for the tourists but for the respectful locals. You will be treated like the local home owner, not one time visitor who rents the home for a week. So, with OWNERO/ Travel™ swaps you save tens of thousands while getting really exclusive experience.

Each swap is serviced by us. It means that the other owners’ home will be move-in ready for your visit: linen, toiletries, food and drinks in the fridge, etc. - all in place. You use the same travel arrangement service as you use when visiting your own home. All local tips and advice will be available for you before and during your stay. The local Concierge becomes your Host.

If you choose to go to the home of the lower or the same price category as your own home, your swap will be basically free of charge and it’s only subject to a modest OWNERO service fee. If the home of your choice represents the higher category, you might be charged the compensation fee to cover the difference in operating expenses between two homes based on number of nights spent and the season. In any way the compensation fee and OWNERO service fee are just a tiny fraction of what you would pay to rent such a home. The detailed calculation of any swap is provided before you make the final decision.

OWNERO has completely reinvented the well-known practice of home exchanges. The legacy home-swap services are just already old-fashioned online marketplaces: with no standards, services, guaranteed quality, etc. The sales managers of such a websites have never visited a single home from their inventory. In contrast, OWNERO knows the homes and places you travel to from inside out, we guarantee the highest standards, outstanding service for such swaps and provide 24/7 concierge support for the swapping guests.

Yes. Please contact your concierge for details.

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