Buying FAQs

You will own a property including land through ownership in the real estate holding company, all furniture, appliances and everything that was sold with the home, for example, boat or car.

As a general rule you can buy anything from 1/4 to 1/2 of the property.

You buy valuable property and you are welcome to use any financing options you like. As an alternative to them you may get financed up to 50% of shares value by OWNERO if you qualify.

Our team of the award-wining Italian designers and decorators is responsible for any of OWNERO’s projects and each home is being sold fully furnished and decorated to OWNERO Standart. We use our proprietary renovation management software and have agreed on the exclusive conditions with the top world fabric, lighting and furniture producers in order to be super competitive in terms of pricing and timing.

Yes, as a property owner you enjoy your home’s value appreciation.

1. You find the home you love. Wether you found it on our marketplace or elsewhere, OWNERO is here to help to explain the model. You can visit the property at any stage of process. 2. Once you decide how much of the home you’d like to own and express the desire to buy you sign Membership Interest Purchase Agreement (if you want to buy home that has already been bought by OWNERO) or Participating Agreement (if you want to buy a Presale home). Then you make a €5,000 fully-refundable deposit to reserve your share and get the full package of the documents for due diligence process. Due diligence process can take up to 14 days and you can take your time and feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you decide not to proceed further, you can instantly get your deposit back in full with no questions asked. 3. The closing process is pretty similar to the regular real estate transaction. If the home has been already bought by OWNERO, you just fund the balance and start scheduling. If it is a Presale home, we will buy the home together with you and you will be able to start scheduling right after closing. 4. Your personal OWNERO Concierge will guide you through the initial scheduling. 5. When you schedule your first stay you will be guided through onboarding process to get familiar with the home, all amenities, systems, neighbors, if you want, neighborhood, etc.

Yes. OWNERO arranges your personal visits at any time you wish when the home is not booked by owners.

It is very straightforward. The buyer has the right to sell the shares back to OWNERO within three months after first anniversary since closing provided that the owner spent in home minimum of 30 days within the first year. The underlying logic is pretty simple: if you don’t enjoy, we are not happy either. We will buy the shares back for the full price minus our fee, legal fees and all costs related to your stays within a year.

No. This way of owning property is well-known for decades. But DIY co-ownership is a mess: difficult to set up, no structured rules, maintenance hassle and personal issues. In contrast, OWNERO’s fully managed and tech driven ownership eliminates all the hassles of DIY co-ownership and brings peace of mind to the owners.

The second home is a life changing decision. So if the home is owner-ready and if you prefer to try how you feel in the home before the commitment, we offer you to try the home out! Let us know you want to spend some time there and we will be back to you with availabilities and costs.

You pay the price of the home, including everything inside or whatever is sold together with it (car, boat, sport gear), closing fees, decoration, furnishing, other upgrades and OWNERO’s fee. You can see the price breakdown in every listing on our marketplace. Although these expenses are not included into the purchasing price, buyers also fund the first 6 months of the tax, insurance and operating expenses at closing.

If this is the case, please contact OWNERO team and we will instantly go into details to figure out if this home is a good fit for our model. If you already have the co-owners we can structure the deal for you and turn your home into the one managed by OWNERO. If you don’t, we will find the other co-owners and turn this home into OWNERO’s one.

The number of co-owners is limited to maximum 4.

Yes. We partner with the agents and developers and closing process is similar to the standard real estate deal.

Contrary to the homes owned by OWNERO, Presale home means that it’s a great fit with our model in terms of wow-factor and a price. We will be happy to buy this home if we have enough interest from the potential owners.

Yes. You are free to decide.

Yes. Should you prefer to have a virtual or real time online visit OWNERO will arrange it.

We analyze our markets on a daily basis. And we share our knowledge with you that you can understand the market better. Our analytics never supports our listings, it is the other way round: our buying and presale listings’ decisions are based on such analysis.

Still have questions? We are happy to answer.

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