Investing FAQs

We are sure in our investment promise because we have put a few things together and got the great product. As a result: a) we have a better margins, since we rent it out on a short term basis, and it usually adds 50%-100% (vs long/mid- term rentals)to the income under efficient management; b)we have better retention rates, since we feature and provide additional value to the travelers by servicing the properties in a new way and empowering the bricks you invested in with technology that dramatically enhances user experience; c) all our properties are designed for comfort of bigger families and larger groups of travelers such as corporate travelers. They save significantly even if they pay a premium for the services and technologies provided, so they are more consistent and reliable renters; d) we got the best marketing tools just using the uniqueness of our properties plus design. Travelers pay premiums for the premium emotions.

We hand-pick unique properties on our markets in terms location, quality, amenities and wow-factor. We buy and offer only the most most luxury while livable and not overpriced real estate.

Trophy real estate appreciates in value even during downturns contrary to average homes. Just recall what happened during COVID times. Also you can activate buy-back clause and we will buy back your shares for the same price (closing costs, our fees and upkeep are not included) within 12 months after closing. In addition, shares of a multi-million dollar homes are already liquid and can be easily sold to OWNERO buyers or simply through the local real estate agent. Very soon the shares are going to be even more liquid that the entire homes because they are much smarter way to buy/invest into and own a second home.

As any co-owner you can schedule your family’s or friends’ stay using OWNERO App or in the co-owners’ area on the website. If you own 1/4 of the property, you can rent out or use yourself 88 days per year. You will see all your data when scheduling. If your home is in the OWNERO rental pool, each time we rent it out we have in mind, that you probably think of going yourself. So, any bookings of your home are subject to your approval unless you opt out and allow travelers to book your time without such permission. You get notified instantly when booking is made and have 24 hours to respond. If you don’t respond we take it as an approval according to the OWNERO Rental Agreement.

It means that according to the Management agreement we do all the job for you. The property is owned through a fully-managed real estate company. We charge you small convenience fee for the overall management and maintenance services and take modest commission of 15% on each rental. All bills, taxes, invoices, etc. are passed through to co-owners without any markups. You can follow your balance and manage your account (pay the bills, withdraw rental income , etc.) in the OWNERO App/Homes.

Instead of using yourself or renting your property out, you can swap your home and travel to the co-owner’s property in other part of the world who also wants to change the scenery. Please visit Travel Page or Traveling FAQs to learn more.

Still have questions? We are happy to answer.

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