Selling home FAQs

You love your home. So does your family. But bearing all the costs and hassles while enjoying it from time to time can be a fly in the ointment. Selling only the part of your ownership may get the fly out. By doing so you can still enjoy your beloved home while both realizing liquidity and distributing maintenance costs and taxes.

OWNERO design team reviews each home we buy. Usually we make refreshments and upgrades to the interior and often refurnish the home, but if your furniture and decorations are a good fit they will be bought together with the home.

We do background checks and require that prospective owners agree with Home Policies and Code of Conduct.

OWNERO’s offers are competitive, process is simple and streamlined and you don’t pay sale commission if you are an owner.

We create a holding company for your home and you transfer title there. You may retain from 1/4 to 1/2 of the ownership and the rest will be bought by OWNERO from you straight away.

You may sell them at any time.

If your home is a gem that seeks for renovation to get its real value from the market, we offer you the following: we invest into beautiful design, renovation works and furniture in exchange of a modest part of your selling upside. For example, your in current conditions costs 4M. If it was properly renovated and had a fresh modern look, it could cost up to 6M. The renovation cost is 0.5M. We invest 0.5M into renovation, then we sell your home for 6M and you pay us back our investment of 0.5M plus success fee that can vary depending on the home, market, etc., but it is always a smaller part of the upside of 1.5M your earn.

Still have questions? We are happy to answer.

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