Scheduling FAQs

Owners of 1/4 usually book 4-5 stays per year. One share lets to have 4 booked common stays at a time within 48 months timeframe. 4-7 nights stay is considered as one general. Any stay from 8 to 14 days is considered as two general stays.

One share (1/4) gives you 88 nights per year. The simple math shows that some time is left unused by owners. This time is reserved for the visits’ preparations, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, etc. in order to provide owners with smooth experience.

Owners can book any dates in the timeframe between 2 days and 48 months.

This is a stay booked earlier than 7 days prior to arrival. Short-notice stays contribute to your total 88 nights per share but are an exception from your common stays count. Number of short-notice stays is limited only by your annual total.

Please contact your OWNERO concierge and we will do everything possible to satisfy your inquiry pending home availability. We will charge you a small fair fee in order to cover other owners’ expenses.

The simple answer is no. To guarantee owners equitable access, the period between your arrival date and your previous departure date must be equal or greater than the number of nights of your last stay. However, we understand that enjoying your second home shouldn’t be regulated as the Criminal Code. If you already stay in home during the low or mid-season and would like to book the short-notice stay as back-to-back one, you can contact your OWNERO concierge and submit special stay request. We have to make sure the dates are not booked and rights of other owners are not affected.

You can plan your stay’s start from the day after tomorrow and it should end not later than in 48 months from the day when the booking is made. So, if you book on 01.01.2023 you can arrive at any day starting from 3.01.2023 and your latest stay should end not later than 31.12.2026. If you have a special request and need an exception from this rule, you can contact your OWNERO concierge.

This is the request the owner can submit through OWNERO concierge in order to get an exception from any general rule of stay. We always try our best to satisfy your needs while keeping the rights of other owners not affected.

You can cancel your booking with no penalty 40 or more days before arrival. For cancelations made within the period of less than 40 days there will be no penalty if these dates are rebooked by another owner. All not rebooked nights will count towards the annual limit of nights per share. As a courtesy of OWNERO’s model all booked periods, that are not used by the owner, can be utilized in a greater way: free luxury OWNERO/Travel™.

Maximum stay for one share (1/4) for low and mild season is 28 nights. Maximum lengths for high season is 14 nights. If you have a special request and need an exception from this rule, you can contact your OWNERO concierge.

Each stay must be a minimum of 4 nights and can’t exceed 14 days per share for high season, and maximum lengths for low and mild season is 28. If you have a special request, you can contact your OWNERO concierge.

Still have questions? We are happy to answer.

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