Rental FAQs

Yes, they can. Once the stay is booked, it can be rented out through OWNERO Rental Pool.

The owner let us know that the certain stay should be rented on a market and we put it into our rental marketplaces’ calendar. All rentals are serviced by OWNERO’s hospitality arm Better Travel Inc.

OWNERO is fully responsible for the rental guests.

OWNERO transfers the rental amount to the corresponding owner within 30 days after the rental has ended or an amount can be credited toward outstanding invoices. If the rental amount is higher than the amount of an outstanding invoice, the difference is transferred to the corresponding owner’s account within the period mentioned above.

We take 12.5% commission.

No. There are two reasons for that: one is the liability. And the second is that it does not make an economical sense. OWNERO maximizes rental returns because it provides outstanding service through Better Travel App and 24/7 concierge support for the guests. An owner’s income would be less that an income earned through OWNERO, and effort would be significant vs. zero when renting through OWNERO.

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