Neighbor FAQs

Our owners have same ownership mentality like you. Unlike many second homes that sit vacant our owners utilize the home year-round. That brings recurring business to the local community through the whole year: eating in the local restaurants, buying the local products, using the local services. OWNERO supports local businesses by continuously engaging local plumbers, electricians, real estate agents, property managers, cleaners, etc.

If you have question or concern, please contact us at community@ownero.com.

OWNERO is a real estate and hospitality service that reinvented the second home ownership. Our model helps to utilize the second homes up to 4 times more through the fully managed co-ownership while enabling co-owners to save money spent on the purchase of the second home and helping to distribute maintenance costs and taxes. Actually, what happens is that instead of vacant homes and one time renters the local community gets 2-4 responsible owners per home. They are people like you, with the same ownership mentality. All of them committed to follow the common sense Code of Conduct prior to purchase. So, the local community gets more business from sales and services, new social links to people who call your neighboring house home.

Expect nice new neighbors! We thoroughly vet our owners. They are people like you, people with ownership mentality. They sign the Code of Conduct that contains the following policies: ⁃ Large and noisy party are strictly prohibited ⁃ Parking on the street should be avoided ⁃ Owners have to follow strict pet policy ⁃ Owners have to follow strict garbage policy If you have a question or concern, please contact us at community@ownero.com.

OWNERO homes’ rentals are possible only through OWNERO rental pool. The co-owners are restricted from direct commercial rentals. It means that in case of any rentals, our company bears all the responsibilities before the owners and neighbors. We guarantee that any home guests will follow the local rules and the Code of Conduct.

Still have questions? We are happy to answer.

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