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OWNERO is a real estate and hospitality service that boosts your sales by attracting brand new buyer pool to your business. OWNERO’s model especially resonates with the developers that are active within vacation zones or in big cities. If your sales team has a buyer for your property who considers it as a second home, OWNERO can step in to help you close faster.

Partnering with OWNERO lets you significantly expand your business through attracting new demand while offering new supply. By using OWNERO second home ownership platform you can reduce the price tag for your clients to up to 4 times and solve all the issues related to the second home ownership outright. For example: you list an apartment for EUR 1,6M as is. OWNERO structures the ownership through real estate holding company, turn the property into turnkey conditions and split the ownership into 4 shares. Your clients can buy one share (4) in the property for EUR 400K vs. EUR 1.6M for the whole home and have the entire home thoughtfully designed, beautifully furnished and fully managed, the company foreseen, all expenses distributed and the second home stickiness eliminated through OWNERO/Travel TM feature. Each share gives maximum of 88 days of stay per calendar year, which is at least 2.5 more than average time spent in the second homes worldwide. In addition OWNERO offers up to 50% of financing at a competitive rate.

When you sell 100% of the ownership to one buyer you can still add value to your property by offering OWNERO second home management contract. The future owners will be able to enjoy their second homes without maintenance/management hassle as well as than the standard home management can provide. Since the second home can be far away, it needs to be treated differently contrary to the place of permanent living. We understand that as a developer you may want to provide a range of services directly to your buyer. However, we offer you an option to pass all the b2c hassle while continuing to be paid for your services. OWNERO pays you the same rates and passes through all your invoices without adding any mark-ups on your services. OWNERO earns on the unique array of its own services while doing all the “dirty work”. Additionally, OWNERO charges the owners a monthly convenience fee of EUR 180.00 per share for.

Developers can use OWNERO platform as a marketing tool that markets inventory as a second residence for the buyers from all over the world. We market it on our marketplace and on the most popular third-party websites. OWNERO markets your property as a structured and fully managed co-ownership per share and as whole property. Every time OWNERO gets a buyer or a lead for the whole property, we refer them directly to your sales team.

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