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OWNERO is a real estate and hospitality service that turns all second home ownership’s “cons” into “pros” and lets the agents boost their second home business. OWNERO is a company that: ⁃ enables agents to sell luxury second homes to the customers who could not afford such a purchase before because of a price ⁃ enables agents to sell luxury second homes to the customers who did not buy before because of a hassle ⁃ brings new product such as home shares to the real estate market ⁃ enables agents to receive new revenue streams.

There are much more buyers for the home shares in the second home segment than for the whole homes. It is simple math and logic that works in the sharing economy. You will close faster, will look better in the eyes of your seller and will be earning faster and more often. This is because you have up to eight more buyers and more deals per home. And these kind of deals can be processed without your involvement but with fully paid commission. You can leave all legwork and paperwork to OWNERO and focus on what you like the most and do the best - communicating with people and marketing your listings.

Bring the buyer and get you full buy-side commission for each share sold. Please contact us.

It is a whole home listing that can be potentially in demand for OWNERO model based on its price and wow-factor. If there is enough interest in the home from OWNERO buyers, we will purchase the property and turn it into OWNERO home.

Please contact us. If we have enough interest in this home we will purchase the home and you will get your full buy-side commission on the share price. If you bring multiple buyers you will receive a commission for each share sold.

Partnering with OWNERO brings multiple wins for your clients, both sellers and buyers. Please check the Agents’ page on the website and the Playbook for Agents.

Both are largely the same in terms of process and paperwork.

OWNERO can pay premium on wow-homes. Selling to us is simple and straight forward. We act like a multiple buyer in our markets. If you have a great home for sale just let us know and probably it will be the easiest commission you have ever earned.

OWNERO home is the home almost everyone would like to own. Great location, wow-factor (waterfront, magnificent view, etc.), beautiful design and luxury amenities. Please, learn more about our home criteria.

Yes. You can tell them about OWNERO. Either they decide to share their ownership with other owners (and then we sell shares through you) or opt to get in management contract with OWNERO you will earn on it. And it will be the easiest commissions in you career.

Yes. If your listing is a fit we will list it on our marketplace as Presale home and will market it by shares to our network of buyers and through a third party websites. There is always your name in the listing and direct link to your website for the whole home buyers. We partner only with one agent per one listing, so the agents market their listings with us on the exclusive basis. We are happy every time our partners make money!

For our listings we work only with selected Ambassador Agents, just few in each market. Please contact us to learn if we are mutual fit.

OWNERO is a second home ownership platform. Let us have a closer look on what we can do together: 1. You can sell the home to OWNERO and earn commission. We buy wow-homes in wow-locations. 2. You can refer a buyer to OWNERO. If there is an interest in any home listed on our website, we will do all the legwork and you will get your full agent commission. Or you can be involved as you want. 3. You can market OWNERO as an infrastructural platform for the smart co-ownership to your prospect buyers and we will market you and your brokerage for free by listing your property on our marketplace and on third-party websites. 4. You can offer OWNERO to your clients each time they want to save and buy just part of any home in accordance with the planned usage. If this home is a good fit for our model, we will buy the home together and you will earn commission. 5. You also can offer OWNERO management contracts to any of your second home buyers or current owners. OWNERO’s management services can be used both by the fractional and the whole homeowners. In that case you will be collecting recurring revenue from such a contract. We never add any additional mark-ups on the services provided by the third parties. We do not earn on it, so we pay any commissions only from our own services, e.g. OWNERO management fees or OWNERO/ Travel™ fees. 6. List with OWNERO the homes that are a good fit for our second home marketplace. Together we will create high quality photo and video content around the property and market these homes as Presale homes. When we sell the home’s shares to our buyers you will earn sell-side commission on the shares sold. Every time we have a whole home buyer for your listing, we refer such a client to you directly. So, to list the greatest homes with OWNERO is a win with no risk for you.

OWNERO can buy the home in a premarket deal or list it as Presale home on our marketplace. If we market your listing for our clients we always put the note that this listing is your courtesy and there is always a direct link to your website for the whole home buyers. Let us know you want to submit a home and we will be instantly back to you whether it is a good fit or not. If not we will explain why in order for you to better understand our home criteria.

If the home is considered as a second residence, you can offer your buyer the OWNERO management contract, that can add value. You will be earning 10% from OWNERO’s fees on recurring basis.

Pretty straight forward: 1. In case you have a seller of a whole second home, bring it to OWNERO. You earn commission when we buy the home. After making necessary furnishings, finishes, repairs and upgrades we will bring the home back to the market by shares exclusively through you and you will earn again. 2. In case you have buyer for the share you will get full commission when the buyer purchases it. For example, if the buyer purchases 50% of the home ownership while OWNERO buys the other 50%, you will get 100% commission from 50%. Then we will relist our shares with you. If you bring the buyer for the remaining shares, you will earn your buyer’s commission again. 3. In case you list the whole home (exclusively or not) and clients are interested in buying this home as a vacation residence, you can offer them to consider the OWNERO’s platform for the second home co-ownership and be paid both seller-side and buyer-side commission. It is a real win-win for everybody.

Please contact us, we will have a closer look on whether it’s a good fit and will return to you ASAP.

We have developed the Playbook for Agents and a marketing toolkit, including education materials for agents and their clients.

If there is enough interest in the home ownership from OWNERO buyers we will make an offer. If we have buyers who are interested in buying the whole home we will refer them to you directly.

Still have questions? We are happy to answer.

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